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U.S. universities have dominated the globe in terms of popularity as top destinations for international students for many years. Even though there are many academic options available in other countries, many students still opt to study in the U.S.

The USA universities have always attracted highly qualified students, and it continues to do so today. After graduating from an American university, students can grow academically, professionally, and personally and find a plethora of career opportunities.

Yet there are other reasons why international students see the U.S. as one of the most coveted educational destinations in the world. Look at the top reasons for studying in the US, including why international students choose to study there, why you might study in the US, and how higher studies in the US can help you reach your goals.

Education System In US

US is host to the maximum number of international students from around the world, it provides a diverse range of courses for all study levels.

Study levels
  • Elementary school
  • Middle school/Junior high school
  • High school
  • Higher education
Qualifications available in the US:
Associate Degree2It is equivalent to first two years of a 4-year bachelor’s degree
Bachelor Degree4Undergraduate degree that includes core courses along with majors, minors and elective. The four years consist of years known as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.
Master Degree (Coursework)2Leads students from first degree to particular profession
Master Degree (Research)3Generally awarded in traditional disciplines
PhD6Completed under the supervision of faculty advisor
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