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Company Profile

MAR STUDY ABROAD CONSULTANCY SERVICES (PVT) LTD – For International Studies is a leading education consulting firm in Pakistan, assisting students to study abroad across different popular destination with quality services in terms of professional career counseling, admissions, visa assistance, course selection, scholarships, credit transfer and student career counseling. The company offers to reach maximum potential push to students to achieve their ambitious career goals.

We stand for our integrity and take full ownership and pride in what we do in the field of education and career counseling. The company has successfully assisted over 8000 happy students with their career prospects abroad since 2014.

The firm is more embedded towards understanding student recruitment and guide students to their best fit possible course when seeking study abroad opportunities. Primitive aim of each employee of our company is to assist student secure future by means of understanding career outcomes and possible international experience for their self-development.

MAR Study Abroad Consultants regularly arranges seminars sessions for students to meet international university representatives directly for queries and answers, as this is a comfortable and trust level that we prefer to provide to parents before they can acknowledge and give consent to their child to travel abroad for studies. These seminars involve Q/A sessions on admission eligibility, possible scholarship, post study work rights after graduation and step by step guide to launching student visa application.

Our presences in the market has grown stronger over the years and emerged as a brand name throughout Pakistan and lead to mutual arrangements with local reputed institutions to provide our services and guide students towards oriented professional world upon graduating from current institution before moving abroad.

To uplift student profile for the sake of self-development and career choices, we launched a student development program known as “Mentorship Program”, which involves the aim to groom students as per their own interest and opportunity to discover new possibilities upon completion of this six days experiential learning program. Student experience growth and learning in certain aspect of work, education, social responsibilities and career growth through different activities accompanied by different renowned international entities and endorsed by our trusted partnering institutions.

MAR Study Abroad Consultants will continue to provide quality consultancy to students and also undertake social responsibility by educating the community, as we agree “Education is the most power weapon through which you can change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela.

Our Vision

Our core focus is on properly orientating the minds of ambitious aspiring students seeking quality education at international stage. We aim lead and plead students towards their dreamed qualification from a reputed college or university that could give them accreditation and recognition in their professional lives and self-growth for betterment.

Our principal focus is to guide students to acquire the best skills and high profile qualifications, so that they could outshine in their professional careers after reaching the stage of intellectual and professional competence from a reputed education system. MAR Study Abroad Consultants is aimed to provide the best services, to gain the trust and confidence of students, and ultimately could be known and remembered as – the best study abroad consultant and education service provider in Pakistan.

We are very well aware about student understanding towards the significance of an accredited foreign qualification as well as competing challenges of current era, thus they tremendously focus on the ways and means to achieve their international ambitions, where we could assist them to reach at their professional destination.

Director's Message

MAR Study Abroad Consultancy Services was established in with primary and precise mandate to provide guidance and counseling to aspiring students who are very eager for higher studies in any leading centre of higher learning across Australia, Canada, UK, Cyprus, Germany and USA. Initially our commercial entity started at Lahore, Punjab yet with speedy development as well as promotion of our services.

MAR Study Abroad Consultants has developed remarkably by retaining its best role in promoting its noble cause of international education through motivating and persuading the students to get admission in any distinguished college or university for higher studies as well as by pragmatically helping them to clinch the accredited degrees, and ultimately pushing them to the stage of acquiring higher positions in corporate and private sectors of our country as well as in many multinational companies across the globe.

I would like to suggest to the viewers and readers of our site that please see our site thoroughly that will give them the best insights about education abroad as well as our exclusive services – which give us a prominent position among the education service providers. Visit at our office to behold the way we are working to promote the students of our nation and country.